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Bio & Background

Seeing all sides of an issue has always been my gift. Putting myself into the shoes of another person and understanding how they were thinking and feeling has been my second nature as long as I can remember.

So you would think that would guarantee a well rounded person with a bunch of deep and meaningful relationships right? Unfortunately that was not the case for me. Instead living life in quiet misery seemed very normal to me. I spent years feeling a deep seeded insecurity, uncertain of my own worth, and lacking any idea of what my real purpose was. And since I wanted others to feel good I was always bending backward to meet their needs.

Experiencing 2 different heath crisis that affected my husband and my youngest son started my path of spiritual self discovery, I began to realize that everything I needed to make my life beautiful, fulfilling and full of purpose had already been placed inside of me. I began to understand what it took to live authentically, to love myself and to have real honest relationships.

My life blossomed in way that I had never thought possible, as I embraced uncertainty and fear, leaned in to the power of vulnerability and intention, and the unwavering faith that we are all guided!

But best of all inside of me grew an insatiable desire to do more then just create my own amazing life. I felt called to help create that in the world - in relationships, in parenting, at work and in business.

My life has become focused on walking this path with others - to see them set free to experience their best life, to lose what ever is holding them back and to become the light this world needs.

If you are ready for this then join me - now is the time!

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Meg Specializes In The Following

  • Self love and acceptance
  • Clarifying what you want and what gets in your way
  • Leaning into vulnerability
  • Increasing empathy and restoring relationships
  • Finding your purpose and tapping into your creativity
  • Lasting tranformation
  • Connecting with you spiritual self
  • Facing challenges with easing and confidence