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What stops us from being real?
From being authentic?

What makes us want to hide, only be a shadow of who we really are inside?
What is it that scares us so much that we would rather live in quiet misery then take that chance of letting someone see us?
The real us?

Not the polished, perfect us,
but the messy us.
The us that doesn’t have it together
That fails
That cries
That doesn’t have all the answers.

Why do we feel like the only way we have any worth is if we do everything perfectly?

Somehow, at some point in time each and every one of us has built a shell, protecting us from everyone else.
Very occasionally we will see someone step out from behind their shell and be real, be raw.

Are you left in awe when you see that?
Or are you quick to point a finger?

“Look at that person”
“Look at how silly they look”
“hHw dumb they look”
“Did they really do that? did they think that would work?”

Have you watched people slink back behind their shell again and sighed with relief, glad that that was over.

Or does it cause you to long to come out of your shell too!
To let the world see who you are.
Maybe you have been that person that has come out from hiding, only to feel naked, alone, afraid and exposed.
How long did you stand there before it became to much, before you gave up?

I have been both those people.
Maybe you have been too.

but i have decided to make friends with the fear, with exposure, with uncertainty, and any loneliness that might come with that.
iIhave found that the longer i stay out in the open the more the fear feels like exhilaration,
The more the exposure feels like release,
and instead of feeling lonely i feel like an invitation.

I have decided to like it out here in the open
I hope that you will join me.

It was just a decision
It was just one foot in front of the other
It was just leaning into it when i wanted to back out.
It was focusing on what i was giving instead of what i was getting.

Small things but they have changed my life.
Today i am really living.
No longer afraid of my light, my power, my gifts
No longer questioning my value and worth.

At any moment you too can make that choice.
It can start today, right now.
Decide that the next time you feel the fear you will do it anyway
The next time you feel unsure you will push through
That you will follow your dreams and share your gifts with the world
because the world needs you!!

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