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Sometimes I feel like I have Multiple Personalities!

What I want to do and what I actually do seem to be so totally opposite!

Maybe you can relate?

Have you ever said yes when you really wanted to say no?
Or promised yourself you would do it differently, but still find yourself having the same type of experiences over and over again?
Or looked at your life and not really understood how you ended up where you are? And why it isn’t easier?

If you are anything like me you desire change, growth, and progress, but instead you find yourself throwing your hands up in the air, ready to give up because you don’t know what to do!

Soul Sister I feel you!!

Did you know that 95% of what we do in our day to day life is controlled by our subconscious? 
Think about that for a moment!
That means for a massive amount of time we don’t even know that it’s our subconscious that is running the show and that is influencing our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
No wonder sometimes we look at our lives and ask “How did this happen?”

One of the most important steps you can make towards authenticity, growth, and transformation is being able to bring what is in the subconscious into the conscious. 

Another word for this is Awareness.

Awareness is getting to know ourselves.
It’s bringing our thoughts and words to the surface so that we can look at them up close and create the world we want to live in instead of living a life of jumbled reactions.
It’s about connecting with our bodies so that we can actually feel and therefore process the experiences we are going through.

Awareness can be found in a triad.

By bringing your mind to focus around three things you can gain insight, clarity, and the energy to transform any area of your life!

So are you ready?

If you are ready, sit up straight, throw your shoulders back, and shout “I’m ready!!!”

Whoo Hoo!!! - I am celebrating with you!!!


The Awareness Triad:

1. Words - The first thing to focus on when you want to increase your awareness is the words you habitually use. What words do you say often? Even if it’s just in your head?

If your words are:





You will have a totally different experience then if your words are:



Words we habitually use create our experiences.

That’s why two people can go to the same event and have two completely different reactions.

One says it was eye-opening, the other describes it as a waste of time.
Which would you rather pick?

Words also build our thoughts which takes us to the second thing to focus on… 

2. Thoughts - Words form thoughts and they get played on repeat all day long. Some thoughts can be so dangerous and cause us to live in unnecessary pain.

Some common ones are:
“This is so stupid” or “I’m so stupid”
“Why do they always do this to me?”
“I just can’t take this”

If you continually ask yourself these questions subconsciously your mind will try to answer you and it will give you a life that keeps those thoughts going.

The other important thing about words and thoughts is that they may start in our mind, and in our subconscious but eventually, they slip out!
And they can have the potential to devastate our relationships with others.
No matter how long we think we can fake it, eventually who we are comes out of our mouth! And We all can think of times when something slipped out before we could stop it, or we made a joke with a cruel tinge to it and we cause hurt to the people we say we love the most!

3. Our body - The third focus is on your body! We carry all of our life experiences in our body. Long before they become aches and pains our body is sending us ever-increasing messages! But we seem to ignore them, never realizing that they are meant to tell us something!

In fact, do an exercise with me right now!
Close your eyes and take in a deep breath, now relax your shoulders, your neck, the muscles around your eyes and your mouth.
Doesn’t that feel amazing?
And before you did that were you even aware that they were tight? How much better to tune into tight muscles before they become headaches and backaches!!!

Tune in to what your body is doing in order to know how you are doing!

If you are walking into a meeting and your face and shoulders are tense chances are the meeting will look differently then if you walked in relaxed and open!
If you are going to have a conversation with someone and you have a pit in your stomach chances are you won’t be thinking as clearly as you would if you were calm and centered.

By tuning in and being aware of your body you can bring it into a state that would benefit you and the situation you find yourself in.

Everything is a clue, you just have to be open to seeing it.
Your habitual words, and thoughts, and the feelings in your body are an honest reflection of who you are, how you have built your experiences in the past and are how you will continue to build your experiences in the future.

Becoming aware is key to finding what is holding you back and the solution to what you can do.

In the beginning, it will feel strange and like a lot of work, but trust me it is so worth it…you are so worth it!

Start the journey by taking this first step into awareness, and know that I am cheering you on every step of the way!


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