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What does it take for you to have a good day?

Have you ever broken it down? What are the pieces? What has to go right? What can never happen? Who do you have to see? What do you have to hear?


We all have different ideas about what makes a good day.

But there is one thing we all tend to have in common. Our idea of a good day is complicated narrow and includes tons of moving pieces that we normally have no control over.


Think about it…

What if your idea of a good day is it can’t rain, and it has to be sunny.


Do you have any control over the weather?


What if your idea is that your boss has to notice your work and compliment it? Do you have any control of what your boss is going to do? What if to have a good day your lover has to say all the right things, help out around the house, and listen to you talk about what’s happened since you’ve last been together? What happens if they have had a bad day and they need you to do that for them? Instead of bringing each other joy your gridlock, or worse, you are now brining each other pain.


What if your idea of a good day needs to include all of the above?

So how in the world can we actually have a good day? Is it possible to have a good day when the weather sucks, your boss is a pain, and your lover doesn’t seem to know what you need?


YES it is!! it is totally possible.

By controlling the one thing that you actually do have control over! YOURSELF!

When you focus on all the things outside of yourself you are looking for joy in places where there is no guarantee of joy. But when you turn instead to what is inside of you, your thoughts, your gratitudes and your contributions you realize that what you need you already have! Your own thoughts and affirmations can build you up when others don;t notice your work, Your gratitudes can help you see the beauty in a rainy day and your forcus on contribution can help you love when you what to take. You change these things in your life you feel more energized more in control and more joy then you knew was possible.

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