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Have you ever been so lost that you just didn’t know what the next step was? Or if you had it in you to take that step? That is were i was before i began coaching with Meg! Her intuitive insights and belief in my own power lead to transformational shifts that have changed my life! Every call with Meg blows my mind!!

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I always knew that i wanted more out of my life, i just had no idea how to get it. I had no purpose, and no passion for life. I really had no idea how to get the things i wanted and needed.  Meg is an amazing listener and she pulled out these amazing ‘truth nuggets’ during our talks that helped me gain clarity and create a vision!! She then helped me strategize how to make that vision become reality! I would not be where i am now if i had not connected with Meg! I am so grateful!

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Before I started coaching with Meg i felt so unsure of myself and my relationships. I was constantly focusing on what could go wrong and if i was getting what i needed.  Working with Meg inspired me to look at life in a completely different way and helped me realize that life is about giving!! This totally changed my focus and relationships!! In fact, I am now getting ready to marry the man of my dreams!!

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Meg was an integral part in helping me dig deep inside myself and discover who I really am. Her invaluable lessons on learning to think with my ‘heart’ rather than my ‘head’ have made decision making a lot easier and faster. I have become more at peace with myself and have learned to manage my time more efficiently. I believe life-coaching is an amazing thing that everyone should try!

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Before I started my coaching with Meg I was in a bit of a rough spot mentally, emotionally and physically.  I had been seeking help from a number of different professionals including Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors and Counselors. And each of them definitely had there place and was able to be of help to me in some way but I realized I needed to focus and invest in healing myself from the inside out and not just focus on my “symptoms.” After I had spent some time talking to Meg and having her answer some questions, I had such peace in my heart and knew this was the direction I should head to start my healing journey so I could go from survival to success.

One of the biggest benefits I have received from coaching is having a safe environment to grow.  Meg has always, from day 1 saw the best in me and not focused on my failures.  I have the freedom to be completely real and honest in a judge free zone.

Since my coaching has started I have begun to see the best in others.  I am easier able to focus on the strengths of others instead of being a fault finder. This has greatly improved the quality of my relationships. I feel armed with strategies for success.

Coaching is something I would absolutely recommend!  I am so very thankful I started when I did. 100% worth it! 

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